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Geometry – Lines – Colors
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Op Line

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Multi-CMYK lines create a constant and vibrant movement flowing up and down in rainbow color variations. The artwork invites you to observe and interact with it, moving around it to see and discover new flashing and vibrating patterns.

Kinetic artwork box made through digital printing techniques on two layers of acrylic – one crystal transparent as the front cover and the four sides mounted over a white acrylic base sealed with screws on the back. This combination creates a unique art piece with optical movement effects and gradients. 
On the back of the box, four skeg-hanging systems allow you to display the artwork in different positions on the wall, adding even more changes and variations to its design.
– Limited edition: 10 copies.

– Beyond unique: customized designs and different sizes are available upon request.

Handle acrylic or plexiglass artwork with extra care due to its delicate and premium nature. To prevent scratches, use a soft cotton cloth or a slightly damp cloth with soap for areas with grease. Be gentle and avoid applying excessive pressure while cleaning. Never use abrasive cleaning products or sharp objects to clean the artwork. Additionally, protect the artwork from direct sunlight as prolonged exposure may cause changes in its transparency over time.

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